Trip: Abel Tasman trail run

Fri 10 Apr 2020 to Sun 12 Apr 2020

Organiser: Shaun Souness

Tramping is epic and great walks are incredibly beautiful but personally I find them very unexciting. Wide, easy tracks just don't do it for me. However running them is a totally different story. You still get to see all the beautiful views running along the coast without having to stay in those fancy serviced huts, cause if there is one thing I'm not, it's fancy. Currently the plan is to drive up Friday of Easter weekend, then run the track on either the Saturday, or Sunday depending on the weather. Only thing confirmed with this plan at the moment is that it will be Easter weekend so if this even only slightly interests you, even if the plan doesn't quite work for you just sign up cause the plan can and likely will change, plus I can be the person you need to talk you into it. The Abel Tasman is 60km but with very little elevation gain and we'll be going at a very cruise pace (almost a fast walk) so this should be doable by anyone with a high fitness level. Also if this is of interest try come along to some of the club trail runs, more information can be found on the CUTC Trail Running group through the facebook page.