Trip: Pure buschcraft trip

Sat 1 Jun 2019 to Mon 3 Jun 2019

Organiser: Maxime Savoie

hi all lately, I start to have more and more interest in the discipline call bushcraft or the art of living in the forest: set up a camp and cook on an open fire. I thinking realized a bivouac of two night in Ben more hut (it's a biv hut easy to reach 2 hours walk, the hut will be a backup place to sleep the first goal is to sleep under a tarp, hammock ...). this trip is not about tramping so much ,of course that an option to go until the top of mount Ben more or walk down the Selwyn river during the day, but to build a nice camp from the dead wood around and rest on the wood around a nice fire cook some nice lunch and dinner by building a furnace from rock for doing bread for example, by roasting some meat or vegetable on the fire etc... so for this trip the gear will be a bit different than usual.

Gear: -Boots: tramping boots and other shoes for the camp (close one we will probably cut wood so please no flip flop) -cloth: normal tramping cloth+ sleeping cloth plan enough for one or two night and two days -tools: the important part of this bivouac is tools, so take with you if you have: good fixed knife, hatchet, a small saw, a small shovel, and everything to maintain them -cook: the cooking part will be discussed before the trip we will try to do some big communal meal: two dinner/ three lunch/ two breakfast -cooking pot: for cooking pot please took something which handles fire. -drinks: alcohol will be authorized on the trip it's a social event too, water will be taken from the stream on-site so 1-liter bottle is enough - distraction: books, card play, music...